Starting a group project as well today with this lad ;

Going to try and get it done in about 2/3 weeks for a presentation we’re doing to people in the industry. Hopefully going to get everything finished relatively quickly as its all planned and we’re hopefully playing to both of our individual strengths. As ever we’ll be using - Maya 2012 / Zbrush 4 R3 / UDK December build but with DX11 mostly for reflections. Let me know what you think.

Little update on the Blacksmiths

A little video of my The Thing project. I’m pretty happy with it , i’ll still add stuff to it in my own time but i’m trying to learn at what stage you need to just say a project is finished. 

Starting a new medieval blacksmiths project today. I’ve made a simple block-out just to try and determine the amount of props and detail I need to add to actually make this project worth-while. I realized last night I’ve never created a colourful, fantasy styled bit of work so ….here goes.

I created this last year for a group project and it’s a piece I want to further develop and incorporate within my own scene. Need to go back and texture it to a higher quality but due to the brief I had at the time the texture resolution had to be as small as possible. 

Couple of more shots of The Thing scene. Even though I feel this is a higher enough quality to go into my Showreel it’s a project I can keep adding to in my spare time.

Final “The Thing” Scene. I’ve kept it short and sweet as it’s a project i can keep adding to until eventually i have a full environment. I was only going to make a small diorama for the vehicle but i got carried away….I’ll try and get some video shots up later in the week so it doesn’t look like I’ve added a load of white dots on the picture using Photoshop.

Added it into a new “The Thing” horror game that I’m developing an environment for, which i think has at least gave it a “use.” If anyone sees any of these posts and has anything to say about them , good or constructively bad then please do.  

Right then, I textured and developed some materials onto the Piste Basher. Pretty happy with it but i do need to get it into a scene to see how it works and i also wouldn’t mind adding some real-time reflections onto the undamaged paint just to give it that extra level of detail and depth within a scene.

Decided to use the Unreal Engine to show off my work, as I’ll be able to use the Material Editor to make a vehicle paint shader. It’ll also show what my vehicle will look like in a game environment if I want to create a scene for the asset. 

Modelling has been finished. I now have the fun task of UVing the remaining parts of this beautiful machine…I think i may be the luckiest man alive.

Nearly finished the modelling side of this vehicle but at the moment the front looks a bit empty so I’m going to try and incorporate a plough at the front, which will also hopefully make the vehicle look as if it could be used for more than just travel in a game. No one wants to travel in a plough and not have the ability to at least smash through a building.

Added some more detail onto the Front Cab today to make it look like a vehicle not an assortment of boxes. Still unsure on what colour to use as in real life they are mostly red but i’m not too keen on using red for when i add it into a scene. Time shall tell……

Started off by working on the cabs as they pretty much determine how big the vehicle needs to be. Tried to make all the angles and overall shape of the Snow Truck as realistic as possible but as this is essentially just an asset I want to keep the poly count at a reasonable level for a next-gen game.

Started gathering vehicle concepts/images today as I’ve decided to attempt and asset that is within unknown territory. Clueless as where to start but I quite like the idea of doing a Snow Truck as I can’t remember the last time I saw one in a game.